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is an award-winning art director and motion designer with a focus on designing for broadcast/theatrical marketing and branding. 

Mina specifically enjoys exploring new ideas in varieties of conceptual design looks, using type, illustration, photography and 3D. In her free time, she travels, cooks and works on personal illustrations that she shares on Instagram with friends.


conceptual design, motion design, broadcast design, branding design, marketing & advertising design



CBS, P+, HBO Max, Disney+, Netflix, Peacock, Apple+, the Weather Channel, Coca-Cola, Nike, Samsung, Nickelodeon, UNICEF.



Promax BDA awards | gold | global excellence 
role | designer

Addy Advertising Awards | gold | best in show
role | art director, animator

the Indie Film Awards, CA | winner | best in psa
role | art director, designer

Addy Advertising Awards | silver | animation
role | art director, motion designer

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